Saturday, February 7, 2009

From a Diggers Teammate

From Diggers Teammate Bill M.

I feel honored to have known Mike, and call him a friend. I will miss him. I looked forward to knowing Mike a long time. It¹s difficult to realize he won't be around anymore. Our initial bond was as softball teammates that soon became a friendship. Besides playing on a couple of teams together, we took a few road trips, and played golf occasionally. I found it easy to continue my friendship with Mike no matter where we left off. I always felt at ease with Mike. He was passionate in his interests, and liked to introduce others to them. Mike was a fighter. His intensity and spirit were evident on the softball diamond, and in his fight for life. One year after his transplant he came back to New York, and played a full softball season; that was truly amazing. I found Mike to have a strong sense of who he was. He was open and honest with everyone. So long Mike, you¹ll be missed.

Also, a few memories...

Myrtle Beach Golf Trip, Nov. 2003
Mike booked the rent-a-car. He rented a bright, canary yellow, Mustang convertible. That¹s when I discovered his passion for cars. One night we went to a local bar/restaurant for dinner. Soon after dinner, karaoke started. I thought that would be our signal to leave, but Mike, as I would find out, loved to sing karaoke. I was floored to hear Mike sing (especially Mandy, and I Write the Songs that Make the Young Girls Cry). He was a big hit with the locals at the bar.

Playing golf one July 4th at Dyker Beach
We had the course to ourselves. On one green the hole was at the bottom of a slope that made it nearly impossible to get the ball in the hole. We spent about a half hour trying to hit putts into the hole, missing each time, but we were both determined.

Trip to Little League World Series, August 2004
We went to see the Taiwanese little league team in the Little League World Series, out in western PA. That was a great trip.

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