Thursday, February 5, 2009

From another Diggers Teammate

I loved how he ran like a gazelle.

I marveled at his ability to pitch a softball half way up the backstop and then come back and fire a strike. The other team usually did not like this so much.

I enjoyed it how he would walk off the mound before the 3rd strike was called.

We rarely spoke about work. In fact, I never really understand what he did. So we kept it to baseball. Or girls.

I enjoyed our post-game discussions about the Dodgers over a beer.

I really enjoyed making fun of the Dodgers and getting him all riled up ("Eric Gagne is fat" usually worked best.)

I giggled to myself when Mike would storm around the mound muttering to himself. He just needed to work it out. Usually he did.

I admired him for his guts. Especially when he came back and played with the Diggers despite being in the middle of chemotherapy. He was weak, but all he wanted to do was play ball with his extended family. I was injured that season, so we sat on the bench and talked. And cheered. And watched our game unfold...I'll always consider Mike a part of my extended family and I miss him a lot.


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  1. Oh yeah! The pre-call walk-off. I always loved that!