Sunday, February 8, 2009

From a College Friend

From Mariana B.

I am very sad to know that Mike has left this planet although I know he leaves behind many very nice memories for those who were lucky enough to get to know him. I met Mike at UC Berkeley in architecture school. I was part of the physics study group with him, Gladys and our friend Avivah.

On the surface, Mike seemed like a shy quiet guy. Once you got to know him and he felt comfortable he would make you laugh so hard you would cry. I remember having many giggle fits with him while staying up all night working in architecture studio and even at our physics study groups which made physics more palatable. I remember how easily he drew designs he invented for cars. He would doodle them in his sketchbook while listening to a lecture (nice how you could buy the notes all typed up at Berkeley for some classes). The sketches he drew came so easily to him and I know this was one of his strongest passions. If there is such a thing as re-incarnation, I have a feeling he is coming back as an award winning car designer.

I always wanted to move to New York and was so happy for Mike when he got into Columbia. I came and visited him once and he was nice enough to put me up on his futon in his tiny apartment and take me site seeing when he got off from work. He was so happy to be living in New York and I could tell he was in his element.

I just moved to New York this past October from Los Angeles and I was planning to look up Mike so we could reconnect. Unfortunately, I came too late and we had lost touch. I have lost touch with so many other friends so this has made me realize how precious this life is and how important it is to stay in touch with everyone somehow. I am glad I was friends with Mike and was able to share some of the happiness of his short life. I will miss him and he will always be in my thoughts.

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